Friday, February 25, 2005

Time for my completely uninformed picks for the Oscar.

Best Picture:

Well, I have only seen “The Aviator” so, I guess I will have to choose, well, nothing. “The Aviator” was an okay movie; not sure why it was nominated for so many awards, honestly. I hear Martin Scoresaysee is the favorite. Not sure why. I have seen many of his films and always walked out scratching my head wondering why everyone gets all hot and bothered over his films. I have never found any of his films remotely interesting or entertaining, save “The Aviator," and that was just okay. Isn't Martee Scoresaysee a gangster? My mom always told me gangsters are bad.
There is some boxing movie where some girl wants to Box or something. I don’t know. I hear she dies at the end at the hands of Dirty Harry (I don’t think he used a 44 Magnum to blow her head clean off, though.) Sounds like a downer to me. I like my films to up lifting like…Were there any uplifting movies this year? No? I blame bin Laden.

Best Picture: “The Aviator”
Should win: Um…"The Aviator?" No? Okay. How about that crooked movie? What is it? “Sideways?" Better?

Okay, Best Actor.
I hear Don Cheadle was nominated for his hotel manager/savior role in “Hotel Rwanda.” I was deeply moved by the commercials I saw for this film. He seemed truly concerned about people in trucks. That's nice. His pitch-perfect accent (accents, always a shoe in for the Academy. see: Meryl Streep), his struggle to get people onto said truck? A sure winner. And he seems to ready to take the “accent” crown from Meryl Streep (did you see “Oceans 11” & “’12”?) He’s a nonstop accent-machine, that Don! I think Leonardo Decaprio is nominated, too (I should really do a Google search, but I have dial-up and I don’t feel like waiting). Leo (I call him Leo because after seeing his bum in “The Aviator," I feel a closeness) did a fine job with the Texas accent, but it just wasn’t exotic enough for me. Let’s see. Oh, I almost forgot Jamie Foxx. You know, his teeth make me nervous. Way too perfect for me. And there are others? Whatever.

Best Actor: Don Cheadle
Should win: Don Cheadle , or, you know, Leo, I suppose.

Best Actress.
Weeell. Okay. Oh, wait! I saw “Maria Full of Grace”. So I guess I have seen more than one movie with any nominations. Whew! I was afraid I wasn’t going to give an honest assessment of the Oscars this year. Well, I’m not sure looking pensive and having excellent gag control is grounds to win an Oscar; on the other hand I applaud anyone with no gag reflex. Hillary Swank is nominated, too, I think. If she is, she has already won for playing a guy. C’mon, we all know Boxing is a man’s sport! Women should win for best bundt cake, or something. Did Swank cook in that movie? If she did, then I would be willing to give her the nomination.

Best Actress: Catalina Sandino Moreno (just to hear the presenter mess up her name)

Best Director.
Now this is a difficult decision to make. There are so many good directors out there. My high school drama teacher was a decent director, but he wasn’t nominated. Dirty Harry was nominated for that expensive baby movie. But making a film about how expensive babies are? Nah. “The Aviator” did have the best-delivered line of the year courtesy of one of those Baldwin brothers. “Ray” is supposed to be pretty good, but I didn’t see it. And I guess Ray didn’t see me, so we're even. “Vera Drake” by Mike Leigh sort of rolls off the tongue. Um, I have to give it to Martee for “The Aviator” for the line, “fuck.”

Best Director: Martee Scoresaysee

Well, I hope this has helped some of you that may still be struggling to make your choice for this very important awards show. If you have any questions about the Oscars, please don’t hesitate to ask someone else, I’m sure they will be more than willing to answer.

Soooo Jazzed!

I cannot wait for Christopher Rice's new novel Light Before Day to come out. Hopefully there will be some editing done before it is finally released (read the excerpt).
If you haven't read any of Christopher Rice's previous books, you should. My favorite is his first. His second book left me a little cold, but that's just my humble opinion.
He has a talent for writing, what I like to call, "moist" novels. Hot and steamy, leaves you wanting more. He's nailed the gothic style.


P.S. The O.C.? What the hell? That show has dived off the cliff.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Things learned from snowboarding

1. Ski/Snowboard resorts play the best music

2. It's better to 'board when in love (noticed from observing a friend and his boyfriend)

3. I want to Snowboard/relax/hang out with friends forever

4. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a pretty good movie

5. I want to hug my friends and so "thank you" and smile. That's it, just "thank you" and a smile

6. Northstar at Tahoe is a nice resort

7. From the screams made by my friends watching Saw, I definitely DO NOT want to see that movie

8. People are fascinated with my wrist guards

9. Lots of snowboarders are CUTE!

10. When trimming, be very careful (you gay boys out there know what I'm talking about)

11. My bindings suck. I need to buy new ones

12. I left a pair of jeans in the cabin

13.I should buy a helmet. Ouch!

12. It's fun to call friends while sitting at the Ski Resort and ask what they are doing. Okay, brag that I was in Tahoe

13. Calling my sister while she was in Vegas right after she saw Elton John . It was like we were sharing our mini vacations together

14. Snowboarding is more fun than work

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just a note or two

It looks like the snowboard trip is on. My friend and his...boyfriend(?) are still going up to Tahoe. They will be sleeping in the same bed, but not having sex. I guess that's what it means to "take a break." I don't know. My friend said he is going to start going to the gym since he is on a break and can start dating other people. Anyway. Tahoe! Yay!

A few weeks ago I helped a dear friend of mine write her "glamography" for Hollywood Flash Bash. She needed some help with remembering some of the details of her life (past and present), and I was happy to fill in the blanks of this most amazing of women. If you have time, go on over and read Luscious' glamography and tell her I sent you.


P.S. There is a rumor going around that Luscious will be writing a column for Hollywood Flash Bash. I don't if the rumors are true, I will let you know if I hear anything.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My day thus far

Here's a good summation of how my day is going.
An email from a manager in my office:
"Michael, please try and keep up. Attached is..."

I think that email pretty much set the tenor for the day.

I don't think the above email is indicative of how I do my job, I hope, because an hour before I got that email, the same manager sent me an email saying this, "you da man!" So, you know, phew!


Oh, I've installed a small toaster oven in the Blogs! column. Take a look and say "hi" to Hot Toddy (or is it hot daddy?)

And another thing!

I was going to go snowboarding next Monday and Tuesday up in Tahoe. A friend of mine invited me to go with him and his boyfriend (his boyfriend rents a cabin for the season with a bunch other people.) Well, wouldn't you know, my friend and his boyfriend break up, I'm sorry, "take a break", the day after Valentines Day. So, my snowboard trip, likely the only one this year, is not going to happen! And this because my friend and his BF couldn't keep it together for ONE. MORE. WEEK!

Monday, February 14, 2005

No Limits

I just received a letter from my CREDIT CARD COMPANY (I use caps because, honestly, they scare me.) My credit limit has been raised for the 2nd time this year. I feel a sense of empowerment...of spending empowerment. I'm living the American Dream of never-ending debt. I have an engine, The Engine Of Commerce. It does 0 to insolvency in 4 seconds flat!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

About Last Night

All I have to say this morning is, "Thank god for Motrin!"

Oh, and I should give props to The Porcelain God. He was there when I needed him.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Just call me Rover

You Are the Loyalist


You have strong relationships and are intensely loyal.

People find you easy to love and care for.

You like your world to be stable and secure, no surprises.

You're cautious. You prefer your inner circle to the outside world.

Things I've learned/noticed/thought about/worry about/have happened...

1. There's a newly installed air-raid horn warning thing at Market and Castro. Wow, Homeland Security must really love the gays!

2. The O.C. really blows this year. Ryan wore a sweater on last night's episode. A Sweater! WTF?

3. Nancy Boy conditioner gives me dandruff. No, really. It was like a snow storm. Chains were required.

4. The guy at the other end of the floor is dressed very cute, in a Banana Republic kind of way. For the record, on Fridays, he doesn't tuck in his dress shirt - but not in a sloppy, I'm straight and don't give a rats ass kind of way. Very Metro. Is he straight? Gay? Don't know. Don't care - kind of.

5. I get irritated when friends don't call me back, especially when they tell me they will. Grrrrrr!

6. I missed a showing of Barbarella in Oakland for last night's O.C. Big mistake.

7. All meetings at work should be conducted while standing up. Ensures quick resolutions to any annoying problems.

8. If I don't go snowboarding at least once this year, I am going to scream.

9. My neighbor has guest over and they were playing cards last night. One guy had his shirt off. Nice.

10. I'm not a Peeping Tom. Really.

11. I can't help it if my neighbor doesn't have curtains.

12. This made me cry a little.

13. The cute bartender at Badlands kissed me on the cheek Wednesday. Yeah, it doesn't take much.

14. My aunt tried to commit suicide. Didn't take.

15. My uncle only has two months, maybe, to live.

16. When it rains, it pours.

17. I've been single so long, I don't know if I will ever have a boyfriend again.

18. I want to go home and see family.

19. I want to hug my aunt. Both of them.

20. When I heard my Uncle only had a few months to live, the first thing I thought was, "who's going to cut the turkey on Thanksgiving." Weird, huh?

21. This is not how I expected this list to end.

Okay, that's enough, I want to call my mom now.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It's my year!

It's the year of the Rooster, folks.

People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable, and talented. They like to be busy and are devoted beyond their capabilities and are deeply disappointed if they fail. People born in the Rooster Year are often a bit eccentric, and often have rather difficult relationship with others. They always think they are right and usually are! They frequently are loners and though they give the outward impression of being adventurous, they are timid. Rooster people's emotions like their fortunes, swing very high to very low. They can be selfish and too outspoken, but are always interesting and can be extremely brave. They are most compatible with Ox, Snake, and Dragon.

Where the hell is Matt?

My friend Mikey has found a new blog that is fun, funny, magical and makes me want to dance accross the globe...
I highly recommend Matt's blog. Matt's list of things he wants to do before he dies made me smile.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Don't Tell Me What To Do!...and some more

This is a completely random blog entry (oooh, the air raid horn just went off. Must be noon.)

It seems Toby wants a boyfriend really bad, so if any young hotty in DC is looking for a sarcastic, caustic, funny boyfriend with a bad elbow, give Toby a jingle (I guess he and Ashlee aren't working out.) At least he's smiling in his photo.

I read Chris' blog today and it got me thinking about the choices we make as we grow up. I think it is interesting how Chris' experience with his parents is sooo different than mine. The irony is, I wished my parents told me what they wanted me to be rather than their usual, "oh, we want you do what ever you want to do". I bet they would have changed their tune if I told them I wanted to be a porn star! Thanks for that, mom! /sarcasm
I sometimes wonder how different my life might be if my parents did push me in some direction. Because my parents did not push me in any one direction, I sometimes feel like I missed out the the time honored tradition of kids rebelling in some form against their parents. Gawd, does that even make sense? All my parents ever said was that they just wanted me to go to college. So, I went to college, but I never thought of college as the place to figure out what one wants to do; it was just something one did and got out of the way.
Hmmm. I guess the grass always seems greener on the side. /cliche
Anyway, Chris just got me thinking about choices and how others influence those choices.


I've placed another link to the right. I found this blog through Chad's blog. So take a look at Jamie's blog and enjoy.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

College Story update

After nearly completing the College Story, I have decided I really don't like the way I've written it. I am going to re-write the whole thing. I'm not sure how long this will take, not too long, I hope.

Actually what went through my mind was, "this sucks".

Friday, February 04, 2005


Turbo Tax for the Web just sent me my free reward for using their service! I am the lucky recipient of a twelve month FREE (yes, free!) subscription to EncyclopaediaBritannica Online.

Now I can finally write that report on the Pilgrims I've been putting off. Sweet.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


I take the subway home (MUNI for those non-San Franciscans), and today was no exception. I board at Montgomery Street Station to go home (Castro Station). Like I do every day, I tried to maneuver myself so I can get a seat for the trip home. Today I got a seat because the train wasn't too full, thankfully. So I board the train and grab my favorite place to sit, pull out the latest edition of Instinct Magazine (did I mention I'm gay?), and start to read the latest important fluff every self-respecting gay man should know (cool, they mention Nickel Spa! That's a couple of blocks from where I live). So I'm sitting there, reading and the train pulls into Powell Street Station. Again, not too many people board. But one person that did board was this attractive bohemian-looking girl holding a jar filled with dollars and some change. I thought, "Great, I'm going to hit up for money. Grand." When the train started to pull away from the station, the women situated herself in the back of the train with her hands raised to her chest, cluthcing the small jar of money. She looked liked she was going to do something and I thought this is going to turn into a Chad-like story. I fully expected here to start yelling and cussing at the passengers in some gibberish only the homeless seem to understand. But to my delight, she started to sing this beautiful Italian love song (doesn't everything in Italian sound like a love song, though?) While she was singing, she was not holding onto anything, not an easy thing to do on a moving MUNI train! She kept singing this wonderful song, without falling, stumbling, or missing one note as the trained rocked back and forth on its way to Civic Center Station. I must say, I was impressed. Unfortunately, she didn't heed the warning to always hold on for "Sudden stops are sometimes necessary". I guess a "sudden stop" was necessary, because she quite rapidly found herself at the front of the train. After her short trip to the front of the train, she gatherred herself together, stood up, and started singing as if she hadn't missed a beat. As I exited the train at Castro Street, I gladly placed a dollar into her jar.