Thursday, September 29, 2005

Petitions Don't Matter

I know I said I was going to stay away from the politics, but this really bugs me. I wonder if Faith Based money is going here...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Say What?

"You still have to take the trash out," said to me by my mother when I came out to her.

"It's difficult to be a stalker when you're hypoglycemic." Something I said during a conversation with Chad Fox about…stalking and hypoglycemia, I guess.

"If you are going to kill your parents, you should make sure the poison will work, that's the whole point." Overheard while walking to the MUNI station on my way home from work.

"How could you tell ME last?" My sister's response when I came out to her. She was the last one I told in my family.

"Eh." My brother's response when I asked if he received my coming out letter and what he thought.

"I'd rather have tax and spend Democrat than cut tax and keep on spending Republican." Said to my Uncle Bob when I was explaining one of the reasons why I was not voting for Bush in the last election (I didn't vote for him in the first, either)

My Brother: "Did you know everyone one of the men on the ***** side of the family has had an affair?"
Me: "Yeah. You didn’t know?" (the gay son always knows what’s really going on)

"You would think that since Gerald Ford invented the car, Ford would make a better car." Overheard in an elevator. *Well, what do you expect, the man could hardly walk without falling down. And he was president and a little busy, I suppose.

*said with sarcasm

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It was sublime. It was magical. It was…Xanadu!

Monday night about 20 of my close personal friends (alright, I only knew about 9 or 10) went to see Xanadu at the Castro Theater. The night was filled with everything one could hope for when viewing a seminal classic like Xanadu. Yes, all the magic of the film was still there: the tight dancing, the expert roller skating, the leg-warmer clad bird, the phenomenal special effects, and, of course, GENE KELLY!!! Gene really lifted this story of love, loss, love, roller skates, love, electric pink, acrobats, Zeus, scooters "okay", and big album covers to a whole new level and pushed it over the edge. Ahhh, Xanadu-uuu. There you are, a shooting star, indeed!

There were many moments I will treasure from this outing. There were costumes (most of the costumes holdovers from Burning Man), but one costume needs special mention, Tony's. Tony dressed just like my dear Olivia Newton-John in the classic Physical video. Imagine if Olivia was a man in that video and you would know what Tony looked like, a male version of the early 80's icon. The resemblance was uncanny. Never have a pair of Dolphin shorts meant so much too so few. And who could forget Andrew navigating down Castro Street wearing roller skates, and being told he "can't wear roller skates in the theater" and simply ignoring the ticket taker and proceeding to roll/stumble down the aisle to his seat. But there was one moment that will stay with me for a very long time. When Olivia was singing Suspended in Time, a moment of pure enchantment took place. At concerts we have all seen when people hold lighters over their heads during a particularly moving song? Well, this night had a certain 21st century flare to that. One person, rather than holding aloft a lighter, held an Ipod over his head. Ahh, it was magi. Because we all know, you have to believe in magic. Tears welled in my eyes as a moment of pure bliss flowed over me.

Yes, this is an evening I will not soon forget.

Do you believe in magic? I do.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Tears, Still

I was reading Joe's latest entry and the tears just started flowing. As I was reading, a co-worker came around to my cube and saw the tears on my face and asked what was wrong. I said nothing, I just pointed at my monitor. She started reading the entry with tears running down her face, too. Those drawings...

It still hurts.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It Is A Dilbert World

Co-worker: "I think we need to order some more paper"

Me: "There's a bunch right there," pointing to about ten reams of paper on the shelf.

Co-worker: "Yeah, but the wrapping is faded"

Me: ""

Co-worker: "Well, I don’t want to use paper that’s gone bad"

Me: "...?"

Me: "I don’t think paper goes bad"

Co-worker: "Are you sure?"

Me: "Pretty sure"

Co-worker: "Okay, I guess," said with skepticism.

A few minutes later I’m at my desk and the phone rings…

Me: "This is Michael"

Different co-worker: "You are not going to believe what *** just asked me!"

Me: "If paper has an expiration date?"

Different co-worker: "How'd you know?"

Just another day at the office.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yellow Submarine

While I was waiting for my salad to be made this morning (I have a strange eating schedule), The Beatles' Yellow Submarine played over the speakers in the restaurant. Now, to my knowledge I've never actually listened to the whole song, it is entirely possible that I have never heard the song sung by The Beatles in its entirety. I would continue to imagine I have only heard Yellow Submarine sung by someone other than The Beatles, and only part of it at that. While I was waiting for my salad and listening to this "classic" of pop music, I was astonished at how completely AWFUL this "song" is. I kept thinking, "this is a classic Beatles song that so many love?" How can anyone actually think Yellow Submarine is good in any way? It is the biggest piece of shit I've heard since...Sen. Santorum opened his mouth.

Am I the only one here that thinks this? Surely not.

I now will add Yellow Submarine to my list of truly awful thing that everyone else seems to like, from here on out to be known as "The WTF?" list. So far the list consists of the film, The English Patient, and the "classic" novel, 1984. I'm playing with the idea of adding temperatures above 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Upon re-reading the above post, I fear some might think I am being unfairly critical of all things British. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love the Brits! I've slept with a few and had a grand ole time, and I rather enjoyed Four Weddings and a Funeral! Prince William is a hottie, IMHO.

Monday, September 12, 2005

It Can Be Dangerous...

When one is a friend of Chad Fox, and Chad Fox posts pictures of you half dressed on his blog, one is bound to have a surge in "hits" on one's blog. Now I am not complaining, I have received a lot of very nice birthday wishes from people, and I appreciate that! The problem is, having so many hits on one's site puts pressure on one to blog more often than one might normally have been doing. Will this "pressure" make me blog more often? Don't know...But this kind of pressure is certainly a reminder of how enjoyable blogging can be. Until this happens, I suppose.

Having said that, I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and especially thanks to Chad Fox for posting my nearly naked pictures on his blog for the world to see.


In case you are wondering if I bought anything for my birthday, I bought an ipod shuffle (1G), and a set of sheets for my bed (makes me want to just have sex - too much information?)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Enough with The Politics!

Okay, I am now through with the rants about government. From now on the blog will be the usual stuff, whatever that is.

Having said that...

On Monday I turned the spry age of 3*cough*6. That's 36 years old, or as my friend Bryan would say, "you are now celebrating the 6th anniversary of your 30th birthday." Yeah. Okay. While I don't have exactly the same body I had when these were taken, I think I still look pretty good, (I've discovered carbs are not the enemy. Carbs=Energy. Energy Good!)after all, that pic was only taken about a year ago, anyway.

And no, I did not go out and drink myself silly during the weekend. I like to get up early and doodle around the apartment without a hangover, thank you very much! Maybe it's that whole age/wisdom thing I keep reading about. Either that or *cliche alert* I'm "over" the bar scene. Actually when I told my friend about being over the scene, he asked how I expected to meet a guy. Well, I've lived in San Francisco for over 12 years, and have had only two or three real BFs in all that time, so I don't think I'm exactly passing up the BF train at the bars. Wow, it has been a long time since I've been in a relationship. How sad(?)


I want to thank Mikey and G for a very nice Saturday afternoon of Virgin Megastore (where I bought this)/Levi/Burger Meister, and Jamison for the nice walk and lunch on Monday.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How Fucking Incompetent Is FEMA?

Let's count the ways...

Here's a list
But, have no fear, our Incompetent In Chief is going to figure out what went wrong. I feel better already. hat tip to Andrew.

Maybe instead of giving the Congressional Medal of Honor to Michael Brown (the Head of FEMA), becuase you know Bush is never one to pass up awarding failure, maybe Brown should be fired! There are many other's screaming for Brown's head on a platter, but I don't have time to link them all.

Oh, let's not forget this little story! You know, I always thought the Koreans made good cars.

Angry yet?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

This Guy's Good!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Update, You Apes!

It would appear we are 96% Great Ape!
What, oh what, will Pat Robertson say? No doubt he will blame the left wing media bias. Or something. Maybe he will call for the assination of...Apes?