Monday, October 30, 2006

Bush In A Nutshell

"Seven blunders of the world that lead to violence: wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principle," - Mahatma Gandhi.

via Andrew Sullivan

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Climber Has Fatal Fall And World Shocked?

"Fatal fall at Yosemite shocks climbing world"

Exactly why is anyone "shocked"? Maybe I'm being insensitive, but he was climbing on the side of a rock, after all. A shear rock. 500 feet up a shear rock.

And people are shocked?


Sunday, October 22, 2006


What is Marks Foley's favorite song?

Smells Like Teen Spirit


Friday, October 20, 2006


It was another beautiful day in San Francisco as I rode the 1 California returning to work from an appointment I had earlier in the morning. Crystal blue skies, temperature promising to reach the mid 80s with various Chinese folk returning from shopping with those pink bags that only the Chinese seem to carry. I was enjoying the relatively empty bus when to my right I hear a cacophony of f-bombs and other colorful verbiage eminating from a man standing accross the street. I looked towards the direction of the shouting, said man was rifling through a backpack. As he was digging into this backpack, he suddenly stops yelling, stands bolt upright while holding something in his hand. Holding this object up to the sky, looking as intently as a jeweler might while appraising a jewel, he cockes his head and then curses while tossing the object into the air and out onto the street. As the bus pulled away, the object did a jaunty bounce and came to rest. It was then I was able to see what the man was looking at. It was a syringe. The bus pulling away, I mumbled under my breath about how inconsiderate people can be in this town when throwing out their garbage. I mean there was a trash can right on the corner of the street, for Pete's sake!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

$1,450 Per Month!?

Suddenly my $934.51/month studio seems a bargain.

"More than 25 people packed an open house Saturday for a studio apartment on Russian Hill with hardwood floors, a view of the Bay and a monthly rent of $1,450."

I have hardwood floors (under the carpet, but still...), a view of the bay, top floor. I'm feeling a might bit lucky with what I have.

From SFgate

Mother Nature Sends Out Marching Orders? Humans Told To "Get It Together, Or Else"?

In what can only be seen as nature having enough with human interference, Mother Nature appears to be fighting back...

"MIAMI, Florida (Reuters) -- A leaping stingray stabbed an 81-year-old Florida boater in the chest, authorities said Wednesday, leaving its poisonous stinger lodged close to his heart in an incident recalling the one that killed Australian TV naturalist Steve Irwin last month."

from CNN

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

I've finished watching the DVDs of Battlestar Galactica 2.5 and am ready to watch the new season. But since I don't have cable, I need to rely on the kindness of friends. I have any kind friends that, maybe, could tape/burn me a CD of the new season? Or, you know, invite me over to watch already Tivo'd episodes?


......okay. I'll wait for this season to come out on DVD....I guess.

....I'll be okay. Don't worry about me.


I'm glad I had my kitchen knives sharpened recently...I do hate a dull blade...

Monday, October 16, 2006

West End Girls

After reading Joe's entry about The Pet Shop Boys at Radio City Music Hall, I was taken back to when I first heard West End Girls and felt, for the first time, that someone got it, got me. This song spoke to me on a different level than any other song I had ever heard. I knew this was about being gay. I just knew it. And it made me feel, somehow, safe. When Neil Tennant sings: "You've got a heart of glass or a heart of stone Just you wait 'til I get you home..." I knew this was about sex and picking up some cute boy even though I had yet to do any of that (in 1986, I just a Sophomore highschool). Without sounding the cliche alarm, this song really made me feel I wasn't alone. I usually scoff at people when they say a song really "spoke to me", but I have to remember I have a song that spoke to me too. Those lyrics told me that there was a place where those feelings I was so good at pushing away and ignoring, those feelings I was afraid to admit to having, that there was a place where there are other's with the same feelings. If you read the lyrics, the song is not very hopeful, it confirmed my fears, and yet, it opened a window and gave me a feeling of not being alone. A friend wrote a song once that has this lyric, "music doesn't' change a goddamn thing". Well, that maybe true for some, but West End Girls changed me in a small and important way. It was a glimmer of something more.


Sometimes you're better off dead
There's gun in your hand and it's pointing at your head
You think you're mad, too unstable
Kicking in chairs and knocking down tables
In a restaurant in a West End town
Call the police, there's a madman around
Running down underground to a dive bar
In a West End town

In a West End town, a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls
In a West End town, a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls
West End girls

Too many shadows, whispering voices
Faces on posters, too many choices
If, when, why, what?
How much have you got?
Have you got it, do you get it, if so, how often?
And which do you choose, a hard or soft option?
(How much do you need?)

In a West End town, a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls
In a West End town, a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls
West End girls
West End girls

(How much do you need?)

In a West End town, a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls
Oooh West End town, a dead end world
East End boys, West End Girls
West End girls

You've got a heart of glass or a heart of stone
Just you wait 'til I get you home
We've got no future, we've got no past
Here today, built to last
In every city, in every nation
From Lake Geneva to the Finland station
(How far have you been?)

In a West End town, a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls
A West End town, a dead end world
East End Boys, West End girls
West End girls

West End girls

West End girls
(How far have you been?)

East End boys
And West End girls
And West End girls
(... forever)
And West End girls
(How far have you been?)

East End boys
The West End girls
The West End boys
And West End girls

The West End girls
The West End boys
The West End girls

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nothing To Say... I'll say this:

There is a new blogger in town and he attracts the homeless faster than Congress can IM a Page.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Was bored Wednesday (nothing on T.V. worth watching), so I played around with my camera and took some photos.


Via Alexander:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Smokey The Homeless

Walking up 17th street to Castro MUNI station, a homeless man approached from the opposite direction. As he approached the women walking about 15 feet in front of me, he looked at the women and said, "Yeah, you don't fucking smoke!" As he passed her, he added, "Fucking bitch." Approaching me, he proceeded to impart this piece of Soritcal wisdom, "You don't have any fucking cigs, either. No one fucking smokes, god dammit."

While this is just another day in the City by the bay, we can learn something from this encounter:

Homelessness is caused by smoking. Don't smoke!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fashion Tragedy Averted

A tragedy of fashionable proportions was averted today when I realized I was wearing a brown belt with black shoes. Fortunately, I was able to recover by simply removing the belt, twisting the buckle to the black side of the belt (I may be fashionable, but I am also practical - Very Roz).

What disturbs me is that no one in my office took the time to point out this fashion disaster! I am starting to wonder what kind of people work here. How can anyone let someone walk around with mis-matched shoes and belts? It boggle the mind. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that cares about how I look. Why, I will go out of my way to let someone know if they look like crap. I'm very caring that way.

Well, I gotta go, I here it's Fashion Week at Ross.

"...a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist"

My 80's geek just exploded.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And Making The World Taste Good...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I'm sure you have read about "bloody Sunday" here, here and here.

It was like the prom scene from Carrie but with more gore.

I've re-worked U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday so we always remember the tragedy at Chad's apartment. Never Forget!:

I can't believe the news today
Oh, I can't close my eyes
And make it go away!

How long?
How long must we see this blood?
How long?? How long??

'Cause tonight we have seen the nose astray

Broken noses under Nick's feet
Cartlige strewn across the dead end street!
But I won't heed the broken nose's call
It puts my back up
Puts my back up against the wall!

Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Sunday, Bloody Sunday (Bloody Sunday)

All right let's go !

And the bleedings just begun
There's blood lost, but tell me who has won?
The cartlige cracked within within Chad's nose
And mothers, children, brothers, cartlige
Torn apart!

Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Sunday, Bloody Sunday

How long?
How long must we this blood?
How long?? How looong??

'Cause tonight, we can be as one
Toniight, tonight

Sunday, Bloody Sunday (tonight)
(tonight)Sunday, Bloody Sunday(tonight)

(let's go!)

Wipe the blood from your nose
Wipe your blood away
Oh, wipe your blood away
Oh, wipe your blood away
...Sunday, Bloody Sunday...
Oh, wipe your bloody nose
...Sunday, Bloody Sunday...
Sunday, Bloody Sunday -Sunday, Bloody Sunday... Ah..
Sunday, Bloody Sunday -Sunday, Bloody Sunday... Ah..


Let us never forget.