Tuesday, July 18, 2006

News You Can Use

Katie Couric to start anchoring CBS Evening News on September 5th, my birthday.

My job? Ridiculous. But looking up. Maybe.

Taking Monday off: A must.

Took me about an hour to get my new throw rug at the right angle.

Stress levels fall away when not online reading the news. Or, maybe, it was because I wasn't at work.

Did I mention not working on Monday?

Pool Parties? Fun.


Bliss: Dinner with myself while reading the above book.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Choice Is Your's

We live in wonderful times.

Times where there are choices everywhere.

Times where there is so much choice, we hardly have the ability to actually choose for fear of choosing incorrectly. Lucky for me, I don't need to wade into the messy waters of making my own choices. Why I don't even have to choose who I want to be President! Thankfully, the Supreme Court makes that decision for me. Ahh, what a country of possibilities. That's why I am grateful that out of so much to choose from, movies, books, music, and TV shows, I have found a way that I do not have to choose anything for myself. I let other's choose for me.

No longer do I have to buy a CD with the worry I will not like all the songs, I can now buy a "best of" CD or a "greatest hits" CD. The burden of making up my own mind has, blissfully, been done for me. I can now let some faceless strangers tell me what is worthy of my attention; no need to try and expand my tastes and try something "new" or "edgy". Why would I want to expand my mind and listen to something that may not be very good? Why would I want to "stand out" and be "different" when I can blend in safely and anonymously. It is a relief knowing someone else has taken the time to choose what is the best for me.

Knowing I have theEssential Neil Diamond and not any of the unessential crap he must have written, makes me smile at the wise choice others have made for me. The relief I feel listening to Kenny Rogers 21 Number Ones is wonderful. After all, everyone knows that number one is much better than number two or three. Why would anyone want to listen to 21 number twos? That's like listening to the first losers! Listening to The Best of Leonard Cohen, I know I am listening to his best because it says so right on the cover. I ask you, do you ever see anything called The Second Best of Leonard Cohen? Neither have I.

And thank god for the internet! Now I can download only the best and funniest segments of some of the more popular shows like, The Colbert Report or Family Guy and The Daily Show. I simply have to log onto YouTube, type in Stephen Colbert and a second later I am shown only the funniest and most relevant segments chosen by the discerning eyes of faceless strangers. Devil Ducky takes this even further by making it so you don't even have to choose what show you want to see, Devil Ducky simply gives you a list to choose from and off you go. No need to try and figure out what show you want the best of, Devil Ducky has already told you what is the best and funniest out there. Thank god for that.

Books. Now I don't have to go into a bookstore and "browse" through stacks and stacks of books in the hopes of finding the right one. All I need to do is consult the Best Seller Lists of The New York Times, USA Today, or People Magazine to see what is obviously worthy of my time. For instance, who new Anne Coulter was such a great writer as to be on the New Times Best Seller List? Her book is obviously a book worthy of my time. If it were not for the best seller list out there, I would never have known of so much thought provoking political commentary like dear Anne's. I once made the mistake of actually purchasing a book on my own and have regretted it ever since. I shall never trust my own judgment again.

We thankfully live in a world full of choices. Fortunately, we do not have to choose from any of these choices because there are people out there that have done the nasty work of telling us what we should choose. God Bless America! And god bless other's choices.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Separated At Birth?

FIFA World Cup Trophy

Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds

Just sayin'...

Space Shuttle

Does it seem the Space Shuttle's only mission is too see if it can successfully renter earth's atmosphere without exploding?

It's like the space shuttle goes out to space, does a flip so NASA can see if the tiles on its underbelly were damaged and, thereby, withstand reentry.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Updated because some people don't like all them nasty typos...whatever

What I did for July 4, a story in pictures.
Went over to Chad's. "Hi, Chad!"

Kell called and came over then Jr, Kalvin, Nick & Jake and Dan came over (Kell is exaggerating the whole "rippling muscle" thing, BTW.)

There was some trouble opening the wine.

Chad's bathroom was the place to be for a bit.

Then it came time to get ready and go up to the roof of Chad's apartment building

It wasn't quite dark yet, so we just hung out. "Hi, guys!"

The fireworks started eventually...

When the fireworks ended, it was time for a group photo with the addition of a small not so closeted 18 year old...

I hope everyone had as nice a 4th as I did.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Drive By Review: Superman Returns

Running late for work, but don't care... Here you go.

Didn't elicit the same sense of awe as Superman The Movie (except the nostalgia of John Williams original score - surprisingly heart tugging), but then again, I was 8 years old when the first Superman movie came out. Still, nice ride, and we got some Superman chest out of it!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I changed the subtitle to this blog from "yet" to "don't backtrack" courtesy of bagofraisin.

When I read Bag of Raisin (via Mikey), I thought that little phrase was just what I needed to hear.

To me "don't backtrack" means try not to have regret, just move forward and do better.

What do you think it means?

Is It Gay That I...

bought this album because the guy on the cover is cute?