Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yellow Submarine

While I was waiting for my salad to be made this morning (I have a strange eating schedule), The Beatles' Yellow Submarine played over the speakers in the restaurant. Now, to my knowledge I've never actually listened to the whole song, it is entirely possible that I have never heard the song sung by The Beatles in its entirety. I would continue to imagine I have only heard Yellow Submarine sung by someone other than The Beatles, and only part of it at that. While I was waiting for my salad and listening to this "classic" of pop music, I was astonished at how completely AWFUL this "song" is. I kept thinking, "this is a classic Beatles song that so many love?" How can anyone actually think Yellow Submarine is good in any way? It is the biggest piece of shit I've heard since...Sen. Santorum opened his mouth.

Am I the only one here that thinks this? Surely not.

I now will add Yellow Submarine to my list of truly awful thing that everyone else seems to like, from here on out to be known as "The WTF?" list. So far the list consists of the film, The English Patient, and the "classic" novel, 1984. I'm playing with the idea of adding temperatures above 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Upon re-reading the above post, I fear some might think I am being unfairly critical of all things British. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love the Brits! I've slept with a few and had a grand ole time, and I rather enjoyed Four Weddings and a Funeral! Prince William is a hottie, IMHO.


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12:22 PM  
Blogger Chox said...

That's okay...that song is total butt.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

I find it refreshing that you don't like the song and continue to dislike so much that the hoi poloi holds dear. (Personally, I love it, but only because it reminds me of my grandmother who would sing it to me when I was younger in the same way someone else's grandma would've sung 'Wheels on the Bus'.)

English Patient I refused to see, so no comments there, but 1984? I need a bit more info before I can judge you on that one. (Is it the writing, overall theme, contstant pop culture usurpation of errata from book? or something else?)

9:36 PM  
Blogger ayworld said...

A couple of things:

1) Yes. Yellow Sub is shit. I have always thought so. They were off their heads when they wrote it. [I have not particular source for that statement, I just think it must be true!]

2) There was nothing in your post to accuse you of being anti-British. You made a very fair complaint at a very bad song. Hell how many bad song have you guys had?! I shall pick anything Britney has done as an example. Ok I shouldn't compare the Beatles and Britney. Meatloaf, will that do? No? Ok, Hasselhoff, that's not much better is it? You get the picture all the same!


12:32 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I refuse to answer questions that contain the words "pop" "culture" "usurpation" and "errata"

Sounds like something an English Major would ask...

9:22 AM  

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