Monday, August 29, 2005

When Did I Become An Adult!?

Because of some factors, one of which is that I will be 36 years old on September 5th, (the other reasons are too much of a cliche to post without my face turning red), I have seriously started planning for my future. For that past couple of years, I have been paying $400 a month into my credit card to pay the thing off. Well, in two months, the card will be paid off and I will be debt free. That's right 100 percent debt free! Yay! Because of this, I opened a new savings account with a company that offers the best rate I could find (not a "brick and morter" bank, but a online-only bank - which is why the rate is so much better, I think.) I plan on depositing $300 a month into the savings. Eventually I will put more into the account, but for now, I will deposit only $300/month. After I have some saved, I will probably place a chunk of the money into an IRA, CD or Mutual Fund while keeping some in savings (ya gotta keep some liquidity! Gawd, I sound like I know what I'm talking about.)
Doing this makes feel like such an adult, although, I have to say, looking at how many of the adults live in this country, i.e. in debt up to their eyeballs, perhaps I'm not so much an adult as an aberation? Suze Orman would be so proud!

That's really the most exciting thing that I did this weekend. Oh, I called my Mom and Dad. We talked. About...I don't really remember.