Tuesday, March 28, 2006


That's the sound heard after my previous rant about Bush. Oh, well. On to the usual nothingness...

It seems one the best shows ever produced in the world, nay, the universe, is officially dead meat. Sad, so sad. Happily we have the ability to watch the show on DVD over and over and over again until we realize we need to get a life fast and go out to a bar and get drunk, meet a guy, take him home, wake up the next day full of regret. Actually, the only regret you will have is that you will not remember the guy's name, where you met, and how in god's name did you got back to your apartment? Other than that you will have had a grand evening. Except for the pounding "god I wish the room would stop spinning or I'm gonna die" hangover. Or, you know, so I've heard. From friends. Really. What?


Blogger Mike said...

You wanted a comment? Oh, I'll give you a comment...

Bush is an idiot who's being led around by a prince andrew chain pulled by various folks in the white house who, unfortunately, have bigger brains than he.

(The whole administration sucks, as do all the folks who've appointed themselves moral watchdogs for my life; the same people trying to kill off my husband and close friends by tangling up any form of help in red tape which ensures that only the very wealthy have easy access to it.)

But you knew that already.

11:39 AM  

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