Friday, March 10, 2006

The Economics Of The Brady Bunch

The other day I was watching The Brady Bunch (the episode where Jan wanted everyone to pretend she was an only child), and I started wondering how much money Mr. Brady had to make to be able to support a wife, a housekeeper, and 6 kids. It is clear he must have made quite a bit of dough to be able to afford all those 'happening' fashions his kids wore along with the trips to Hawaii, and the grand canyon. So, in 1970's money, how much do you think Mr. Brady had to make to support his brood of freeloaders?

As an aside, did any of the Brady kids have any friends? I mean, in the episode I watched, the kids were practicing potato bag races. Potato bag racing? Who practices potato bag racing? No wonder they didn't have any friends.


Greg or one of the other Brady boys (GOOOTOBB)"Hey, Michael, want to go practice potato bag racing?"

Me: "Potato bag racing?"

GOOOTOBB: "Yeah, it's swell"

Me: "Um, no, that's okay"

GOOOTOBB: "Really? Gosh the luck, I was hoping to get some practice in before dinner."

Me: "It's 4:30, what time do you eat dinner?"

GOOOTOBB: "At 5 o'clock and then it's off to bed at 7!"

Me: "Really? In bed by 7"

GOOOTOBB: "Oh, yeah, that's when Dad goes to the bathhouse to get his rocks off!"

end scene


Blogger Chox said...

Heh. You're dirty. It's why I love you.

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