Monday, March 06, 2006

Drive By Review: The Oscars

Hollywood showed there "liberal" credentials by giving the best actor to an actor portraying a stereotypical gay man. Big surprise. Hollywood likes to award the parts that fit the comfortable stereotype for gay men: William Hurt? Effeminate cross-dressing gay political prisoner. Tom Hanks? Courageous dying of AIDS gay man. Phillip Seymour Hoffman? Effete, narcissistic gay writer, Truman Capote. Brave, very brave.

I had to smile, when Clooney basically gave the finger to middle America. Middle America has been giving the finger to us (the gays) for so long, they deserve to be given the finger back.

Any show that lets Jack Nicholson talk is a winner in my book. The man is just sooo cool. And you could tell he was surprised Crash won best pic, I like to think he was rooting for Brokeback!

Larry McMurty wore jeans. To the Oscars! That Rocks!!

Reese had her "you like me, you really like me" moment. Still, nice speech from someone that seems to be genuingly surprised by where she is and her success. And, man, Ryan Phillipe has got to be the most beautiful man in Hollywood. Those two must have some beautiful kids!

I wonder if the all the pre-show interviewers go home and drink heavily after having to fawn over all these actors. Do you think these people really care that much about what someone is wearing or that what they do is soooo important? Oh well, I guess that's entertainment.

Favorite moment? Happened before the Oscars even began. An interviewer from Access Hollywood asked the president of the Motion Picture Association a question:

Interviewer: "What can we expect tonight?"

President of MPAA: "Lot's of fun and excitement."

Interview: "That's great. Back to you on the red carpet"

And that was it. One answer and it was time to cut away. I just had to laugh.

Well, until next year when Hollywood congratulates itself again.


Blogger Dave said...

After watching Lauren Bacall's, um, performance(?), it seems certain that there was some heavy drinking going on at some point...

I did learn two things last night: 1) Academy president Sid Ganis apparently does not own a home theatre system with large screen TV; 2) he also apparently does not watch movies in theatres owned by AMC.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

I agree ... the best shows are the pre-Oscar gab-fests. I've never been partial to the whole "I'd like to thank ...." acceptance speech. That is why I loved George, too.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Jamison said...

I think "dying of AIDS" counts for the most points in the best actor scoring system.

SImply being gay only gives you 1 point, with mental disabilities worth at least 2 points, physical disabilities beat out mental disabilities.

That gives Heath Ledger 1 point to Philip Seymour Hoffman's 2 points. Had Ledger's character been blind (3 points) or had AIDS (4 points) it would have put him over the top.

2:31 PM  

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