Monday, October 13, 2008

Change Course! Change Course! Change Course!

Well, it seems the McCain Campaign will unveil a new speech today saying he is "a scrappy fighter on the comeback trail against an opponent who’s already 'measuring the drapes" in the Oval Office." He will go on to tell us how dangerous it is to have one party running all of government...ahem. And how Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will raise our taxes, etc, etc, etc.
via Politico

This latest move by McCain to re energize his campaign (how many times does the man need to re energize his campaign?) is just another stunt McCain likes to make to show how he will "fight" for us. I look at it a differently. This just seems another erratic move on his part to try and save his badly managed and executed campaign. His first was the farce of picking Sarah Palin a person he only met once five years ago, and had a short conversation with before picking her as his VP pick, an unknown, and still unknown - although more is coming out about her, see: Troopergate, Rape Kit, Bridge To No Where, Pray The Gay Away, his "suspending" his campaign to put country first and save the economy (which he says is not his strong suit) and to try and delay the second Presidential debate which Obama, wisely said no. Walking and chewing gum is not one of McCain's strong suits, it would seem. Along with his campaign's negative turn of calling Obama a terrorist and a traitor (McCain's calling Obama a decent man at a rally doesn't hold water, especially since the ads are still running calling Obama a terrorist sympathizer)

Now with McCain's latest move, we see, again, how erratic McCain truly is. If the way McCain's management of his campaign is any indication of how he would be President, we may very well be in store for some bumpy rides. His list of stunts during the campaign make me wonder what kind of stunts he would pull if he were to become President and whether, as a country, we can afford a Stuntman in Chief.



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