Thursday, October 09, 2008

Not Just Words

We've all heard about how negative the McCain/Palin campaign has turned, how they are insinuating Obama is a terrorist and how the mobs they speak to eat it up.
We've all heard about how supporters at these rallies are calling to have Obama "killed", is a "terrorist".
We have seen how the McCain/Palin ticket do nothing to stop these taunts like people with integrity and humanity would.
What the Republican ticket is doing is to de-humanize Obama. They want to make him into the "other" scary figure. By inciting this kind of hatred, McCain and Palin are practicing what the Rwandan media did to incite people to kill the Tutsis. The media in Rwanda continually broadcast that there needs to be a "final war" to "exterminate the cockroaches."

This same kind of rhetoric was heard out of Israel towards Rabin, including accusations of treason, fliers picturing Rabin as an SS officer. McCain and Palin have created a fertile bed for actual violence, which in Rabin's case help create the context in which Rabin's murderer decided to take matters into his own hands.

Now, you may think I am being hysterical about this, but McCain and Palin, by associating Obama with terrorists that want to bomb the Pentagon, they are making Obama into someone, not only to fear, but to loath. By making Obama into a terrorist, McCain and Palin have painted Obama as the worse of the worse; in league with those that would do Americans harm. They are de-humanizing Obama. By de-humanizing Obama they take away that which elevates us above the animals, and, thereby, makes Obama into nothing but an animal.
This is not just campaign rhetoric, this is hate, pure and simple and people are buying into it.

Hate starts with words. McCain's words spreads an idea which gives licence for people to hate. McCain should be ashamed of himself, but McCain has no shame.

We are better than this...

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