Tuesday, April 29, 2008


His speech was not infammatory, but when he came to the Q&A...that is when he became beligerant and damaging.
It's hard to understand what he thinks he is doing, exactly. It's as if he doesn't care one wit about the historic candidacy of Obama and what Obama represents. A few bloggers have commented on how Wright is a throwback to the Vietnam era divisions of the past - a past he seems stuck in.
He showed a complete 180 degree turn from the Moyers interview when he answered the question at the Press club the other day. During the Moyers interview (and during the speech portion of the Press club), Wright seemed nuanced, calm and logical (in a the christian theology sense) when he spoke to Moyers, but as the questions came from the audience at the Press Club, he revealed a side that is disturbing to many, including me.
The question is how will Obama react? Part of me feels Obama will have to go much further in condeming, denouncing (whatever the MSM is defining the correct response to be) that he did before. In some ways, Wright has opened himself up to allow Obama to refudiate Wright in stronger terms.
I can't quite wrap my head around why Wright is doing this. Obama made a speech about race, a powerful speech, and Wright has thrown Obama's speech back at him as if it meant nothing. What Wright has revealed himself as is somenone that is stuck in the past, while Obama is trying to move forward.
This really is a generational thing which we have seen in how the voters are voting - younger for Obama, older for Clinton.

I only hope this doesn't stop Obama, his canidacy is too important - what he stands for is too important to let one man derail it. He can't let himself be defined by other's definitions. He cannot let himself make the same mistakes Kerry made.

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