Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hillary won in Penn yesterday by a margin of 9.4% or, if you are the Hillary camp, 10%. Obama camp? 9%.

Most are saying this keeps Hillary alive and, not so much.
she'll need to win 70 to 80 percent of pledged delegates from here on out in order to do so, and that's not going to happen. Which, of course, is why Terry McAuliffe was on the very same network arguing that the nomination should be decided by the total number of votes cast. If you count Michigan and Florida (the former of which Hillary once upon a time said didn't count), then she could win there.

via TNR

But there is the question of whether Obama can win the general. Valid questions, but the question also can be said of Clinton. Leave it the the Democrats to somehow make the prospect of losing to a Republican, after the Bush disaster, a real possibility!
Okay, I was in the heat of hyperbole with the above statement. McCain's weird ideas on the ecomony, his "maverick" facade will make him easier to beat, I think. The Democrats will simply have to show how out of touch with the reality of everyday American's (not the super rich), and the Dems able to beat McCain.

This is worth pondering...
One could just as easily spin these results into a decisive problem for Clinton: In a state where Obama faced brutally inhospitable demographics and weathered two major scandals in the course of six weeks, she saw her lead cut by more than half, rather than expanded by a third. If she couldn't knock him out here, where, and in what circumstances, can she knock him out?

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