Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bring Out Your Dead Debate!

Man, that was awful and I don't mean for the candidates, for ABC.

If ABC actually thinks they presented and intelligent debate, someone should really be fired...maybe Charlie Gibson? For the first hour, the questions were completely substance free and of the 'gothca' variety.

The loser of this debate? ABC.

Was I the only one that got the feeling everyone was on life support during the debate? It took a solid hour for both candidate to wake up.

Now onto the substance (what there was of it).

Between the two, Obama clearly showed he was tired and beaten down.. The relentless questions for the first 45 minutes were overwhemingly thrown at Obama about he's an unpatriotic flag hater; his minister is a racist; he thinks small town people are rubes ("do you think you are more patriotic?" - what kind of question is that? Those kind of 'gotcha' questions that the MSM seem to think are relevent to this race does a diservice to the electoral process..

I thought it was interesting how Clinton just went right in and pounced on Obama, while Obama, when Hillary was finally asked about Bosnia, defended her. Character

Clinton did much better, but she was treated with kid gloves for the hour, or so. Her liteny of lies was completely glossed over. That is not to excuse Obama (he will face the same relentless questions if he is the nominee). Obama finally hit his stride after the first hour, or so, but he cannot let himself stumble like he did in the future.

Any question about the MSM treating Obama better than Clinton is clearly not true.

In sum, this was a terrible debate, but not because of the candidates, it was because of Charlie Gibson and his relentless gothca questions.

and the quote of the night
I'd forgotten that for months now Charlie Gibson has been asserting that $200,000 is a solid middle-class income, blissfully unaware that just 3.4 percent of U.S. households have an income of $200,000 or more. You could be richer than 96 percent of your fellow citizens, but still just folks to Gibson. Obviously that's not on a par with being bad at bowling or anything on the "out of touch" scale, but it's still disappointing to learn that even our salt of the earth working class multimillionaire television news personalities aren't utterly infallible.

via Matthew Yglesias
Remind who is out of touch, again?

Oh, and Charlie? That whole vice president thing? That was changed by the 12th Amendment.

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