Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Clinton's True Colors

That's it. If Hillary's agenda is to lose the White House for the Democrats in '09, I fear she has done it. I never thought I would ever say this, but if the super delegates decide to place Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President, I will have to sit this election out. I cannot in good conscious vote someone with the kind of ethics of Hillary Clinton. If someone like me, a lifelong Democrat, has decided to sit this election out, I wonder how all the younger voters Obama has brought to the Party feel? Do you really think they will vote for Clinton? Do you think the Democrats can take the White House without the voters Obama has energized?
If people have yet to wake people up to the type of person she is, then her latest ad shows her true colors in all it pathetic glory.

Hillary has shown that this nomination is not about taking the White House for the Democrats, it is about her. And only her. Screw the Party. If she can't have it, no one will.

I didn't think anyone could sink lower than this. She really is disgusting.

The Republicans must love Hillary. She is writing all the attack ads, spending all the money to destroy Obama so the Republicans don't have to.



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