Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bill O'Reilly and Newt Gingrich Condemn Bill Moyers

If you ever wanted to see an example of the right's use of the "truth", watch the clip of O'Reilly and Gingrich condemning the Bill Moyers interview with Jeremiah Wright. Condemning the interview before the interview is even broadcast. This is how the right wing operates, they don't care about facts (but anyone reading this blog knows that), they simply care about vilifying anyone that disagrees with them - damn the facts!

You probably noticed that O'Reilly concedes the point that he has yet to see the interview, "we’re going to wait and see the whole interview before we really hang Moyers, but Bernie’s warming up."
Now just think about that. He knows he hasn't seen the interview, he says that he hasn't seen the interview, and yet he still says he is going to "really hang Moyers" anyway. The truth is, facts don't matter to the right, only politically moitivated bombs (see: Iraq) designed to maskobliterate the truth.
via Think Progress

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