Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back To Barack

I know that in a previous entry, I stated I couldn't support Barrack Obama for President. Well, after watching his interview on Meet The Press this morning, and his recent speech in Des Moines, Iowa, my feelings towards Senator Obama have changed. I feel Obama is the only choice to take America out of the deep trench the Bush Administration has pushed us into.

Senator Obama gives a sense of hope and renewed balance to America that has been lost for the past years. He sees the possibility of America, not the angry, fear diven America of the Bush Administration. He sees beyond the anger and bitterness the Bush Adminitration, the Reuplican candidtes and the Clinton's thrive on. He is the only hope to break free of the dangerous idea that another Clinton Presindency represents (I don't understand why so many gays love Clinton so much - have we forgotten The Defense of Marriage Act? "Don't Ask, Don't Tell? - why do we think Hillary Clinton would be so different?). America needs to get away from the inherited Presidency. We need to free ouselves from the anger and bitterness of the baby boom generation. The generation that is still arguing about Vietnam needs to be told enough. We need to break free from the aruguments about who did and did not dodge the draft. We need to free ouselves from the arguments of who did or did not deserve a purple heart. We need to let ouselves free from the philosophy that corporate america's wishes trump those of the average American.

For all those reasons, I see that Senator Barack Obama is the only canidiate that can see beyond the boomer generation's past hatreds. Senator Obama looks forward, not back. Senator Obama knows we must stop these old arguments and move on.

Does this mean I agree with everything he says? No. But I see hope for change. I see what America needs.

While surfing YouTube this afternoon, I cam across the speech Senator Obama gave at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Iowa:

I couldn't find the interview on Meet the Press on YouTube, but while I watched it this morning, I was struck by his measured answers. When Sen. Obama was asked about the homphobic preacher, Donnie McClurkin's anti gay rant, he stated that he does not agree with McClurikin's stance on gay rights. He went further to say he thinks it is important to talk to people that he doese not agree with, not shut them out. He also said he believes gays and lesbian couples should be afforded all the rights that heterosexual married couples are granted. While he would not endorse marriege, he was for Civil Unions. It's not everything I would hope for him to say, but he is far and away the better choice for standing up for full and equal marriege rights, even though he does not call it marriege.

For those reasons, I can only see Senator Obama as the change America needs.

I hope he doesn't dissapoint.

updateLooks like Andrew Sullivan has many of the same feelings about Obama I hold



Blogger Mike said...

Hmmm...interesting, but your original post about OB pushed me too far away from the man. To be honest, I'm afraid I'm a bit apathetic right now about voting for any Democrat. I'm actually thinking of getting a Republican ballot during the primary in order to throw yet one more vote against Romney. That man scares me more than any of the others combined.

3:36 PM  

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