Monday, October 29, 2007

Elevate, Indeed

As a "founding member" of eleVAte I've been invited to a super rad, totally het pajama party by Virgin America!

"We're hosting the first-ever in-flight Victoria’s Secret Supermodel PJ Party… and you could be there!

Because you are an eleVAte Founding Member, we’re telling you before anyone else, so you have a head start to book and reserve your ticket on our hottest flight yet."

Forget McClurkin, all I need is a Vicotoria's Secret PJ Party and all be all sorts of hetero!
Whoohoo! Where's that Vjajay?



Blogger Mike said...

I've had a chance to settle in for a few days now and actually think about politics again. This really does suck. I'm becoming apathetic again. Just so tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Where's the candidate I can get excited about and wear buttons for?

7:54 AM  

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