Friday, October 05, 2007

The Cowards That Torture

I don't know if you have been reading the New York Times, but the paper has published a story showing how the BushCo Crooks, again, have ignored the Congress and continue to torture people so we may live in a "safe" country.

Once again, the Bush Administration has shown how truly moral and law abiding they are by ignoring the Congress and the Courts by sending sending secret memos authorizing the torture of human beings.

My cynical side tells me no one will care about this. That no one cares about deep moral issues torturing a human being brings up. I wish people would care about this, but I have read little about anyone even caring. It is the lack of concern about what BushCo does in the name of The United States of America that makes me almost laugh out loud when people claim to Christians and moral. It saddens me how we can ignore the brutality that of the BushCo Criminals use all the while claiming some moral high ground. Do people know what this means? Do people understand what is being done in the name of the United States? In the name of you?

The United State of America is not the President of the United States, it is you and me. The founding of the United States happened because concerned people were tired of not being listened to, of not having a say in how government is run. It seems we have forgotten that it takes vigilence and awareness and thoughtfullness to be a democracy. When we let a small group of people take control and run things how they see fit, with little to no regard to what is right, to what is lawful, we have lost one of the most precious ideas of a democracy. To give such control to people like Bush and Cheney, we lose what our founding fathers fought so hard to gain. Every time someone is tortured in the name of protecing us, we lose a little more of what is supposed to make The United State of America the free society we need and should want to be. We lose a part of what if means to be human, to be responsible citizens. Let's not allow our fears stop us from making sure our government does what is right.


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