Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quote Of The Day

"Karl Rove must go to prison. No not country-club Republican I-ripped-off-your-grandma-with-junk-bonds prison where he can join the Dartmouth or Princeton rowing squad and walk by a state of the art outdoor weight-lifting facility his two-seats-on-Southwest ass would never even think about using.

I mean real prison. Like the kind you go to if you're caught in Kuala Lumpur with Rush's medicine bag.

Once again, I just can't abide by these Johnny-come-way-too-latelys who now realize George W. Bush is challenged by My Pet Goat and "The Google," Dick Cheney's an evil right-wing assclown and Karl Rove is, to quote a not so bright man, 'a grotesquely corpulent, politically sociopathic parasite who destroys all government he touches.'"

Cliff Schecter not holding back writing in Americablog

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