Thursday, March 15, 2007

Now Obama's Non-Answer-Rephrase-The-Question "Answer"

Obama can't even answer whether gays are immoral, he even goes further to re-state what the "question should be"...

Newsday caught Obama as he was leaving the firefighters convention and asked him three times if he thought homosexuality is immoral.

Answer 1: "I think traditionally the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman has restricted his public comments to military matters. That's probably a good tradition to follow."

By the way, it's not tradition for Armed Forces personnel to restrict their comments, it's part of regulations. Army: AR-670-1, Marine: MCO P1020.34.

Answer 2: "I think the question here is whether somebody is willing to sacrifice for their country, should they be able to if they're doing all the things that should be done."

Answer 3: Signed autograph, posed for snapshot, jumped athletically into town car.

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