Monday, November 06, 2006

War In Iraq Is Over

That's what military recruiters are telling kids to get them to sign up.

"Nobody is going over to Iraq anymore?" one student asks a recruiter.

"No, we're bringing people back," he replies.

"We're not at war. War ended a long time ago," another recruiter says.

Wow, Bush Co. has made me soooooo proud to be an American.

So. Proud.


Blogger Dave said...

War is Peace.

(Who would have guessed?)

10:17 AM  
Blogger Jimmi said...

We are still at war? Damn my recruiter told me we weren’t either! hmmm last time i listen to them!!! If you believe it, then you are as stupid as John Kerry said LOL


4:23 PM  
Blogger BFLJock79 said...

Hahahahaha!! What a crock of s**t :))

11:05 PM  

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