Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Poor Katie Couric

It seems Katie Couric can't get The CBS Evening News out of the third place gutter. I think this goes to show that just because someone is a popular perky morning show host, doesn't mean she will be a popular evening news host. It seems to me that there is one big obstacle that CBS didn't think about when they hired Couric to anchor the CBS Evening News. Her voice. When I watched Couric on her first broadcast, I was struck by how annoyingly tinny her voice is. Let's face it, we have gotten used to the "anchorman" voice - the voice that is recognizable in its authority and smoothness. Katie is lacking in all that. Her voice has no depth or gravitas that makes you listen, pay attention. This is not to say a women can't anchor a news program. I really liked Elizabeth Vargas when she anchored ABC's news; she has a distinctive lilt to her voice that doesn't ring hollow like Couric's.

This is Michael from Try Not To Panic. Thank you and good night.


Blogger Tami DeTruth said...

Poor Katie?

Pour Katie another drink.... with all that cash she's raking in, I'm sure she's just fine.

As for CBS, perhaps they should have gotten Matt instead. ...oh, or how about Cooper Anderson. No, wait, I've got it, that guy that's playing the new james bond. Mmmmmm, man flesh.. what were we talking about?

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Katie. I have my DVR set to record her every night. I like how she begins the show "Hi Everyone". I think in time the ratings will get higher with her. I used to tune into the Today show while getting ready for just to see her.

9:56 PM  

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