Monday, July 07, 2008

Drive By Review: TRON, Wall-E, 10,000 B.C.

Three reviews today...

Saw TRON (1982, Disney) with Chad at The Castro.

Someone thought, "Fluorescent tape. Black light. Computers. Now that would make a cool movie." And they were right. Prescient.

Leave it the minds at Pixar to make the dusty, cold, barren earth of the future preferable to that of the bloated, technicolor human existence of the Axiom. Brilliant.

10,000 B.C.:
Thoughts going through my head as I watched 10,000 B.C.:
"I'll keep watching because it's got to get better."
"Oh my gawd, it's not getting better."
"Scissors! Must. Stab. Out. Eyes."
"Oh, oh, oh. STOP IT, PLEASE!"
"Why? Oh, why?"



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