Monday, June 23, 2008

Public Financing

Obama has decided to opt out of public financing for the general election. I'm okay with that, but not okay with the silly excuse he came up with. His stated reason is that the system is broken. Not a good excuse, he should have just come out and said, "look, I am not influenced by large cash donors like politicians before, I have received the majority of my money from $25-$100 donations. Public financing of campaigns was designed to stop the influence of large cash only donations, I have proved we can run campaigns with greater participation from the general public. Because of that, I will not take public money for my campaign."

It would have been that simple. Obama's stated reason is silly.

But I also think the hand-wringing of the MSM is also silly. They should realize that what Obama has done. He has made the political process more assessable to the general public, and, therefore, politicians more accountable. Rather than poo-pooing what Obama has done re. Public Financing, they should be applauding the way he has been able to bring the public into the democratic process. More participation = more democracy as it should be practiced. The MSM need to see that.

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