Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Telecom Immunity

There is something very wrong with the Untied State of America if we allow the FISA bill that is now in the Senate to pass(it has already passed the House).
If we give retroactive immunity to the telecom companies for breaking the law, we will have just lost a part of what it means to be an American. I cannot stress enough the importance that this FISA bill fail in the Senate. If we allow this bill to pass in its current form, not only will we be setting a precedent that the law only apply when convenient, we will, effectively allowing any future Presidents a free hand in dictating what laws should be applied under whatever arbitrary circumstance.
The Constitution was not written with an addendum stating "all laws are to be ignored if the President says so." That is essentially what this FISA bill is saying. We cannot allow that kind of thinking to stand.
Thank goodness Senator Dodd (you can read Dodd's great speech here), and Senator Feingold are standing up for the Constitution and the rule of law. Because of their leadership, the FISA bill has been tabled. If we could only have more Senators like Dodd and Feingold in the Senate, then the true meaning of America would be realized. As it is, too many Senators feel the law are an inconvenience for large multinational corporations.
It pains me to see how many in our Congress feel the 4th amendment should not apply to large corporations or on the whim of the President. When did our Constitution discriminate based on the size of a corporation or the amount of lobbyist are on the payroll?

I urge everyone to write your Senators and tell them we cannot let this FISA bill pass.

Write/Call your Senator

This bill goes to the very heart of what the United States is supposed to stand for. If we allow this FISA bill to pass, we are throwing away something so important to all of us, The Constitution.

Finally, I cannot express strongly enough my disappointment with Obama's support of the FISA bill as it stands. Especially since Obama had previously stated his opposition to telecom immunity. The only thing that has changed, I guess, is that he is now the Democratic Nominee for President. I am still processing what this means. I had such hope for Obama and his ability to see what is right. I'm just so dissappointed...

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