Friday, February 15, 2008

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Switches Super-Delegate Vote From Hillary To Obama (Maybe)

This is pretty big. I remember watching John Lewis in an iterview a few months ago where he was pretty clearly dismissive of Obama. Now this. Lewis didn't say he would endorse Obama; he would make his decision in a few days. While he has not endorsed Obama, the fact that he has clearly decided to reconsider is kinda big. This primary is pretty exciting. And exhausting.

via TPM

And Hillary won New Mexico.

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Blogger Jimmi said...

This primary IS exhausting I couldn't agree more.

No disrespect to you or anyone that believes in Obama, however...

I have to say, I don't see why everyone is so caught up with Obama and his "song and dance" about change. Yes we need change, but that is pretty much all he boasts. Give us something to believe you can actually make it happen. Hillary can bring change too and she can back it up.

My opinion: I think the reason everyone is so agog with Barack is because he has a young, spring in his step, a polished look, and pretty much is a handsome man.
In there minds Young = Change, Fit = Capable, and Clean Cut = Success. Equasions that have been instilled in us as Americans since birth and I feel its almost like people are looking though rose colored glasses. Its a proven fact that good looking people do well in sales positions because for their appearance. Like I said, this is just my opinion and that is how I am seeing this.

With that said, if Hillary doesn't get the nomination, I have no choice but to vote for Obama because I REFUSE to vote Republican.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

My support for Obama is many-fold.
I don't think the Presidency is an inherited right. see how Mark Penn, Clinton's senior advisor has run her campaign.
I don't trust Clinton. See how she is now reneging on her pledge to not count Florida and Michigan. This a pledge she signed. Of course that was when she thought she was the annointed one. Now that that is in jeopardy, she is crying foul? I can't help but feel she will take this same 'change the rules to fit her" attitude into the presidency.

While her crying, I feel, was genuine, her later saying we helped her find her voice is ridiculous. She found her voice after 35 years of experience? Took her a while. That just makes me feel like she is willing to say whatever she needs to to get elected. see:

Obama has shown he can work with differing groups and can get things done. see

Clinton wants us to let her take care of us - very Evita Peron. Obama, because he worked with inner city youth, knows that government can't fix everthing and that we need to be able to help ourselves. see: Ezra Klein's
Clinton wants more bureaucracy - see her tax credits for health care. Obama will simply cut taxes so you can use it for health care rather than have to slog through tax paperwork to get a credit.

As for his song and dance. I am a little confused as to shy people don't think Obama has any plans. look at his web site. google. it's there.

sorry for the long post, I get a bit excited sometimes.
I think it is time to move forward. We need a clean slate.

anywhoooo. when will you be back in SF?

12:14 PM  

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