Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Telecoms Win

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The rule of men has won today. Billion dollar companies, again, trounce what is right.

The precedence that this sets for future Administrations to ignore the law is chilling. By giving the telecom companies immunity from breaking the law, the Senate has said the President of the United States can tell companies to break the law because the law does not mean a thing. This is a sad day for The United States and the rule of law.


via TPM

Now this bill goes to the House. There is a petition you can sign from FDL demanding the House, as Glenn Greenwald says, "reject this lawless, authoritarian Senate bill and defend their own, previously passed bill (the RESTORE Act)."
You can also just send an email or call you representative directly

The Senate even voted down proper oversite of Americans being spyed on! christ.

This is not over yet. Send a message that the rule of law cannot be usurped.



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