Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama Takes Tuesday

Update below

Obama won big in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. Really big.

"According to an Associated Press estimate of the overall delegate count, Obama had 1,212 and Clinton 1,191. It will take 2,025 delegates to secure the Democratic nomination."
via Sfgate

These wins don't mean he has it in the bag, Clinton may still pull ahead when the primaries in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, Ohio, Wisconsin and Vermont hold primaries (although, Clinton thinks they will lose Wisconsin). We shouldn't count her out. The question is, will Clinton go negative? Looks like she already has. Not surprising, really. When push comes to shove, you can always count on the Clinton camp to go negative. As Bill Clinton once said, "you gotta do what you gotta do." You can bet, Hillary Clinton will do what she's gotta do - even if that means dredging up old lies about Obama being a Muslim or saying he would take the oath on the Quran (I actually just got an email forwarded to me saying just that lie). I fear it is going to get ugly, really soon.

Let's hope Obama doesn't get caught up in the 'go negative' mindset. I don't think he will, but with politics, you never know.

Before I go, I wanted to highlight a part of Obama's speech he gave in Madison, Wisconsin that I particulary liked. Obama spoke about issues close to my heart, education, infratstructure, debt.

"If we had chosen a different path, the right path, we could have finished the job in Afghanistan, and put more resources into the fight against bin Laden; and instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars in Baghdad, we could have put that money into our schools and hospitals, our road and bridges – and that’s what the American people need us to do right now.

And I admired Senator McCain when he stood up and said that it offended his “conscience” to support the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy in a time of war; that he couldn’t support a tax cut where “so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate.” But somewhere along the road to the Republican nomination, the Straight Talk Express lost its wheels, because now he’s all for them.

Well I’m not. We can’t keep spending money that we don’t have in a war that we shouldn’t have fought. We can’t keep mortgaging our children’s future on a mountain of debt. We can’t keep driving a wider and wider gap between the few who are rich and the rest who struggle to keep pace. It’s time to turn the page.

These are critical for America, dept reduction (elimination), infrastructure, education. Those are my top three concerns. Health care is in that top three, but without fixing those, health care reform cannot happen.


Aaaand, Hillary goes negative in Wisconsin. That didn't take long.



Blogger Jimmi said...

Hillary is too classy to take out Obama like that. She wants to win on her own merit. Now I personally think that MI and FL should count. Its not fare to the candidates or the voters in that state. Fine the state if you ask me, but they shouldn't take it out on the people who are trying to run a fare race.

Hillary for President 2008 ;)

11:16 PM  

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