Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Link

I was playing with the idea of creating a new blog that would just deal with politics and my feelings about what is going on in the world, but after some thought and memories of how I felt after I wrote this, I decided not to become a political blogger. I have made some comments on this blog when it comes to politics and such, but I generally was thrown into a mental spiral, especially after the "Culture of Death" entry I wrote in March; politics are just too depressing for me to write about especially since the current political climate is literally destroying what America is supposed to stand for. With all that is going on, I have grown to respect many of the bloggers out there in blog-land for simply keeping there blogs going in the face of such destructive and soul sucking politics. I would never be able to keep up the fight like the bloggers on my "Political Blogs!" link bar do, it's just too depressing. Having said all that, I have added a new link to the "Political Blogs!" link bar at the right, Pam's House Blend. Enjoy!(?)


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