Sunday, April 23, 2006


Got this from Dan.

I AM: trying to figure out where home is.

I WANT: so much

I WISH: for so much

I HATE: graffiti and people that lean over the edge of the sneeze(?) guard and point to what they want when ordering their salad at the cafe down the street from my office

I MISS: having no worries

I HEAR: a horn honk and the refrigerator running

I WONDER: if people really believe what they say

I REGRET: only one thing

I AM NOT: always happy

I DANCE: only when I drink

I SING: while I play my CDs while alone

I CRY: when watching the St. Jude's infomercial and when The News Hour shows the names of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan at the end of the hour

I AM NOT ALWAYS: professional at work


I WRITE: this, right now.


I NEED: to make more money. Not because I'm greedy, it's just a fact of life living in San Francisco where an apartment not much larger than my studio goes for $899,000.

I SHOULD: clean my apartment, do my laundry and call Mikey to go and buy some Jeans.

I START: wondering if what If I'm doing is the right thing for me. A lot.

I FINISH: this meme unsatisfied

I TAG: anyone that's wants to be tagged.


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