Saturday, January 28, 2006


I figured I would update my less than happy post about work from ealier this week.

I decided to take the bull by the horn and talk to a Project Manager in my office about the best way to go about being a PM (I have talked to other PMs in my office, but they of little help as I will explain below). Now this particular PM doesn't work for my company, she is a contractor - a contractor we are paying $200/hr! The reason I wanted to talk to her is because she seems to really like her job (at $200/hr, I can see why), and she seems to have a really good grasp on how best to be a PM. She seemed really enthusiastic about the idea of me becoming a PM; the first thing out of her mouth was, "You would be a great Project Manager." Now when someone is that enthusiastic about me becoming a PM, I take notice. Now she was not the first to say this to me, others in my office have said pretty-much the same thing. So, I feel confident that becoming a PM is the right path for me. I should also explain that I have learned that the PMs in my office are not like other PMs. The kind of work that have deal with is unusual, and, therefore, not the norm for a PM. I've learned this from speaking with other people in my company (several people in my group even said the "PMs" in my group really are not PMs in the traditional sense!). Anyway, I am having lunch with the contractor PM next week to discuss the best thing to do to move forward.


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