Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I am such a Gilmore Girl

Lane's mom, Mrs. Kim, soooo ROCKS!
She knows about Prince's record sales. Prince!
I don't even know anything about Prince.
She knows VW vans.
She totally told Sabastion Bach what to do!
She was in an all girl Christian tambourine band!
Mrs. Kim is cooler than me.
And way cooler than you.
Face it, we are nothing compared to Mrs. Kim.
All bow to the coolness of Mrs. Kim.


See what Gilmore Girls does to me.


Blogger Mike said...

i actually understand this now...i used to think that you were a freak about this show, but i've seen the light...some of the more clever writing on television today

besides, i wish i could make random pop culture references while talking that fast, that'd be cool

10:02 PM  

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