Monday, December 15, 2008

What George Bush Has Done To America

When George Bush entered the White House, the debt was 5.7 Trillion dollars. Since then, Congress has had to raise the debt ceiling to 11.3 Trillion. Congress had to raise the ceiling 13 times. 13. TIMES. Who will pay for the Republican's "conservative" policies? You and me.

We now have a bipartisan report on the abuses of Abu Graib and Guantanamo. We now know George Bush authorized tortured. If this is proof of a high crime, I don't know what is. George Bush and his cronies are criminals and should be treated as such.
If we let these crimes go unpunished, the promise that was America before George Bush became President, will truly be dead. Our laws our the very foundation of the United States of America. We cannot let one man flaunt our laws. America means nothing without our laws. If we allow George Bush to walk away from what he has done to the world and Amrica, we are nothing.

It's sad what one man can do to America. It's sad that this is how we are seen. Welcome to Bush's America. Feel Proud Now?



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