Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On and On and On and On....

update below

As much as I was hoping this thing would be over, Clinton has maintained her place in delegate number to justify her staying in the race, which is her right, but, man, this is tiring.

It will be interesting to see how Obama reacts to this. Will he go the Clinton route of scare tactics (it's 3:00 am somewhere, isn't it?), or keep his campaign positve? Clinton, will, no doubt, continue to go negative (it's her natural inclination).

While this primary race may be exciting, I can't help but think this helps the Republicans more than the Democrats in the general election. McCain can now rest, regroup and start his plans for the general election while the Democrats will still be battling it out with no chance to rest and form a cohesive strategy, not when the party is still split like this.

It has occured to me that for so long, many Clinton supporters (and Clinton herself) have hyped that she is the only one that can beat back the Republican machine; beat back the attacks that will come. But if Obama does get the nomination (it looks like he will - the number just are in his favor right now), I think it shows he can easily beat back the Republican machine. If he can survive what Clinton will, no doubt, throw at him, he can certainly stand up the the Repulicans.

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Blogger Jimmi said...

Don't hate the Hillary, hate the game! Like I said in my latest blogpost: "If that phone does ring in the middle of the night at the white house. It looks like there is a good chance it will be a Pink Princess Phone!"

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