Monday, March 03, 2008

It's Three AM And The Phone Rings...

That add does nothing to show Clinton is better prepared for a national security crises than any of the other candidates. None of the other candidates have had to make decisions while answering a phone at three am. Unfortunately, many people will think Clinton is better prepared based on name recognition alone, I'm afraid. Clinton has no more national security experience than Obama, but that is not the point of the ad. The point is to scare you.

Clinton defence of the ad when asked what kind of crises she had been tested? She said her service on the Armed Services Committee and her trip to China when she said "women's rights are human rights", okay. Oh, and her support for "various military officers"...? I don't see how that answer shows her National Security bonafides.

It is the same kind of argument Bush is using with regard to FISA and Telecom Immunity. i.e. Bush is the only one that is holding back the terrorist horde from pouring onto our shore and Clinton is the only one between us and imminent disaster. Same story, same disaster, different story teller.

I wonder when she will return the Rove playbook?

I would post the ad, but the internet is not working at home (since Thursday), and work blocks YouTube.



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