Monday, February 18, 2008

Seeing Red

You, no doubt, have heard about Lawrence King, the boy killed for being himself? How about the British boy that hanged himself after he told his mother he wanted to be a girl?

Well, Terence, over at Pam's House Blend has had enough with the people that revel in hatred.

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Blogger Jimmi said...

It is completely absurd that the defense attorney in this case said "He just turned 14 three weeks ago, if this had happened over 3 weeks ago it would be filed in a Juvenal court and there would be no option to file this in adult court." Umm I think he is missing the point on this!!! THE BOY KILLED SOMEONE! He being barely 14 is besides the point. So the attorney is saying the boy should have done this a week earlier????? What a screwed up perception on his part! Had that been his child would be be so eager to squabble about birth dates? I mean some people just

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