Friday, February 22, 2008

Debate - The Tone...It Has Been Set

I missed the first few minutes because the feed pretty much blows, but I was able to catch the stop motion talk, eventually.

Obama started off slow, as he usually does, it seems, but picked up after a bit. He had more policy specifics than he does in his stump speeches, which is good. This thing is getting closer to wrapping up and the timing is right to do that, I think. Obama's made the pitch, now he is bringing the product - which seems to resonate with many.

Clinton didn't bring the fight I though she was going to bring. She tried when she had her "xerox" comment. That floated like a lead balloon. Clinton quickly recovered and returned to the more civil tone after she realized her instinct to go negative was/is wrong and will not fly in this election.

I thinks Obama's attitude and demeanor set the tone for the evening (and the whole campaign, honestly). It was with the xerox comment from Clinton when it hit me, Obama has control over this race. Clinton tried to inject some negativity into the debate, but it didn't fly. I think we can thank Obama and his demeanor throughout the campaign for that. He has set the tone that Clinton now has to follow, and she realizes that, I think. I can't help but feel Clinton would love to go negative on Obama, but Obama, having set the tone, will not allow it. It is to Obama's credit and skill that he, a new arrival to the national scene, has been able to make this race a civil as it has been. I really feel that if Clinton had not been so arrogant as to feel she was the anointed one at the beginning of this campaign, and realized she was, in fact, vulnerable, we would have seen Clinton go negative at the outset and she would have set the tone. Will this change in the general election? I don't know, but my feeling is, it will not - but only if the race is between McCain and Obama. If the race goes to Clinton, the negative may start simply because Clinton engenders so much hatred on the Republican side. Obama does not have that history around his neck.

I think Obama did a good job during the debate, better than he has previously. And his ability to set the tone at the outset is telling of his character and strength. A President is most effective if he or she can set the tone for the country. Obama showed that he can do just that. The question is, will his strength carry over into the White House, an, admittedly different cicumstance? I think he can.
Which, naturally, follows into questioning whether Clinton can set the tone in the White House.

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Blogger Jimmi said...

Michael your head is in the clouds! Have you been buying ditch weed from those college students at Berkely? LOL

Ok so I will say here what I said on Scott-o-rama's blog:

I agree Obama backed himself up last night in the debates, but I felt at times like he was given the easy end of the stick. When faced with Cuba, which was a fresh new question and something they will need to think about when the time comes, I thought he answered it very poorly. I said in my head “is this what we want? Can he be ready?” He seemed eager to say what people wanted to hear that I don’t think he is realistic in his answer. Hillary on the other hand was extremely on point and when posed the question “would you meet with Cuba”[paraphrasing] her answer was we need to determine the situation before agreeing to meet with them. You can’t just tell people “Yes I will” when you need to study and speak with your appointed aids and joint chefs who are qualified advisor’s. A president is only as good as the advisor’s they appoint.

Bottom line is I think the reason I continue to support Hillary is because I think she is a person who believes in America and its citizens, and she has the ability to perform as the President of the United States. I also think she has a good chance to win. If she doesn’t win the Democratic nomination, I will then determine who I will vote for, based on the remaining candidates, but not until then. I am supporting her for the long haul!

That being said, At the end of the day I think this is a good healthy fight and I think that both Barack and Hillary have shown they both want to win, and they both are working hard to make it happen. When watching the debate last night I have to say that I myself need to come down a few pegs and remember that they are both on the same side. They both want what is best for America and I think some of my feelings are fueled by the media and part because of the Bush administration.

Gotta love politics!

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Blogger Michael said...

I was thinking the same thing about Clinton supporters! Maybe its the all that Arizona heat going to your head! Oooh, zing! :-)

I'll not go into why I think Obama should be the next president (you can go to any number of my posts), but I like Obama Open Government plan, Environment Plan, his ease with talking to groups about issues that may not be what to hear (teacher union, auto, gay rights, etc.).

And Obama really can walk on water! Oh, but I kid.

10:48 AM  

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