Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Democrats Smear Their Way To Lose 2008

"I didn't think that there was a way Democrats could fail to win the Presidency in 2008.

But I underestimated us.

We not only can lose the election; at this point, I think we will.

I have been writing for weeks that I believe that the injection of race into the campaign was not an accident. Nor is the campaign in the Jewish and Christian communities to label Obama a Muslim fundamentalist. Nor the accidental-on-purpose references to drugs or even to Obama's youth (older than both Clinton and JFK when they ran, why is Obama's youth a negative?).

In fact, virtually the entire campaign against him has been smear and innuendo with a racial subtext.

It better stop, but I expect it won't. It won't stop because after Iowa it was decided that Obama could not be defeated fair and square. So fair and square went out the window.

The result?

A Republican victory especially if McCain is the nominee and pledges to serve only one term.

That shouldn't happen. Democrats should be able to pull together and defeat any Republican. But we won't if some of us (especially African-Americans and young voters) come to feel that the nomination contest was decided not on the merits but on smear, fear, and race.

Right now, that seems to be where we are heading.

Leave it to the Democrats to lose when everything is going our way. How utterly stupid not to mention shameful."

-M.J. Rosenberg

Clinton doesn't care about party, she only cares about herself. By smearing Obama at every turn, she will be the one responsible for the Democrats losing the White House. Way to go, Hillary!




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