Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Dem Debate

I wasn't able to watch the whole thing since I don't have cable (does that disenfrancise me?), so I was only able to watch what I could via YouTube during breakfast this morn.

My impression is that we were able to see the gutter tactics from Clinton I knew we would see. She kept distorting what Obama said about everything. No surprise there. I was dissapointed in Obama's response re. the dust up over what Obama said about Reagan and the republicans. Obama should have had his exact quote ready to counter the lies coming out of Clinton's mouth - that's Debate 101 in my book.

I was a bit tired of the "Yeah, well, I was helping the poor while you were on the WalMart board!" With the rejoinder of "Yeah, you were paid by a slumlord! So there!"

I know it's too much to ask for the people running for President to, I don't know, stop with the name calling. Leave that to the, ahem, bloggers.

I started to see Obama slowly falling into the muck and mire of the Clinton mindset - a little dissapointed with that.

Obama has never really been steller in the debates - needs to work on that, but he just barely kept himself above the slime of Clinton.

Edwards? Was he even there?

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Blogger Mike said...

I still assert that no matter who we get, we'll be better off with a Dem then someone from the GOP in the position.

This infighting will only serve to hurt us overall when the actual election comes out. With Bush already trying to buy voters back for the GOP with a tax cut it's not going to be easy. Average Joe and Josephine aren't going to concern themselves with the fact that we already have a deficit the size of the Titanic in search of an iceberg, they're just going to think about how wonderful the GOP is to cut them a break during tough times and will remember that when it comes time to walk into the voting booth.

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