Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Soap Operas Are To Heroes As...

I've never understood why so many people watch the Soaps (All My Children, As The World Turns, etc.), until I started watching NBC's Heroes. You see if I were home during the week, I would sometimes flip through my nine channels (I don't have cable) and land upon some Soap. Try as I might, I could never sit through the whole thing - it was always that bad. Well, with Heroes, I kind of, I think, understand the allure of the Soap and it has something to do with the endings. I think that while you are watching YnR or General Hospital, you may not be exactly entertained, but you are intrigued to see how a situation will resolve itself. It is the same way for me and Heroes. While watching the show, I am not terribly entertained, but I feel the need to see how it ends which Heroes accomplishes nicely. Heroes use of a "hook" at the end of each episode makes you want to come back for more; it is the same, I assume with Soaps. It is the overall arch of the story that keeps me coming back to Heroes, not the individual episodes. Make sense? I would imagine if I started watching the Soaps at the beginning of some new story arch, I might be more inclined to follow through to the ending, much like it is with Heroes since I started watching Heroes from the start.

Where am I going with the post? Basically, I am saying Heroes as individual episodes is not really that intriguing, but the story arch is. It is the arch of the story that keeps me coming back. So that is why I posted this. And I'm bored at work today.


Blogger Vince said...

It's true. I have watched Days of Our Lives for years, and it is about seeing how things pan out. And when one thing pans out, you are already sucked into at least ten other things.

That, and it is so fun!

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