Monday, September 25, 2006

What Will Be Remembered

Just got off the phone with a friend in San Diego, he asked me what I thought history will remember this time for (I was a history major, so he asks questions like this a lot). I told Jess, my friend, that with the recent revelations about torture, and the passing of the "compromise" bill dealing with torture, I told him I thought history would record how shameful and deplorible U.S. citizens turned a blind eye to this issue and allowed America to sink into the moral sewer with regard to allowing torture. That the idea that this is a Christian nation, is a flat-out lie as is shown by the embrace of torture by so many so-called Christians.

I can't put into words how ashamed I am of this country right now because of the President's embrace of torture and the how the Congress has given the President the green light to continue torturing.

Torture is wrong. America is supposed to take the moral high ground in the world, but because we have a President and Vice President that are lazy and morally bankrupt, we have to live within a new moral sewer.


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