Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Yoo Torture Memo

Ever wonder what a sociopath wrapped in legaleaze sounds like? John Yoo's torture memo is a good example. John Yoo is a man that does not believe in our system of democracy, treaties, checks and balances - our system of government. Here's a man that feels "in time of war" the President of the United States has unlimited powers to what ever he wants (one wonders if he has ever, ever read the Constitution). That philosophy goes against 200 years of Constitutional Democracy, but Yoo doesn't care, he inteprets Presidential power to fit with his deranged mind.
Sadly, there won't be any kind of news cycle on this story because it doesn't contain any juicy snipings from the Democrats during the primary.
via Washington Post

Constitution lawyer (the moral kind), Glenn Greenwald, as always, provides a clear, breakdown of what this all means

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