Friday, March 21, 2008


Obama's passport records have been breached on Jan. 9, Feb. 21 and March 14. Now we can go into all sorts of conspiracy theories here, but, as Glenn Greenwald points out, this raises the question of how much we can trust the Federal Government with unlimeted spying powers.
Why would anyone trust the current administration and subsequent administrations -- not just their political officials but the thousands and thousands of permanent government and private employees -- to spy on Americans, and store and collect extremely invasive information about Americans' private lives, with no oversight or requirement to demonstrate probable cause to a court -- as the Founders required -- to believe that the citizen being spied on has actually done something wrong? Whatever the outcome of the Obama passport investigation is, whoever the parties responsible are and whatever their motives, shouldn't this rather conclusively demonstrate the complete folly, the serious dangers, of continuing to vest in the government powers to spy on and collect data about Americans with no oversight?

Glenn Greenwald

Not to be outdone, Clinton says her passport was breached in 2007, also!

via CNN
McCain was breached, too. It's Breachapolooza over in the Fedreal Government!
via TPM

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