Friday, May 04, 2007

Murder vs Voter Fraud At The Department of "Justice"

What are the priorities at The DOJ? One might think it is murder. You would be wrong....

"Apparently during [Deputy District Attorney] Comey's testimony today he said that one of the reasons [U.S. Attorney] McKay got himself in hot water with the DOJ heavyweights was because he was pushing for additional resources to investigate the murder of Tom Wales, who was an Assistant US Attorney in Seattle. Tom Wales was shot and killed in 2001. What nobody has talked about, and what you may not be aware of, is the fact that Tom Wales was extremely active in attempting to get tighter gun control laws passed here in Washington."

Oh, it gets even more criminal...

"Think about that for a second. A pro-gun control federal prosecutor was shot and killed. John McKay was agitating for more resources to bring his killer to justice. That pissed off DOJ, who apparently thought that McKay should spend his time going after bogus voter fraud prosecutions rather than solve the murder of a guy who was in favor of gun control. If you don't think the fact that Tom Wales' political views weren't taken into consideration by the higher ups at DOJ when they decided to punish McKay for fighting to find his killer, you haven't been paying attention to the way these guys have operated for the last 6 years. Every single thing they do is about politics, and the political views of those they help or hurt.

The bottom line of this whole McKay firing could be summed up in this way: try to catch killers, you get fired. File BS charges of voter fraud, you keep your job."

I've said it before, The United States of America is founded on laws that are supposed to apply to everyone, regardless of political ideology, religion, color of skin, or national origin. What BushCo has done for the past 6 years is to desimate what America is supposed to stand for. BushCo has blatently destroyed, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan (who I am not a big fan, BTW), our shining beacon on the hill.

With every new revelation coming out of the BushCo dictatorship/theocracy/clown college, I feel like someone has kicked me in the stomach. FDR famously said "we have nothing to fear but fear itself." BushCo has not taken that to heart (I wouldn't be surprised if they think FDR was an enemy of the state, anyway). BushCo operates like a third world dictatorship. The operate out of fear of the laws. Fear of the people. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. They are like a caged animal that has no recourse but to fight back at (perceived) enemies. Unfortunetly, those perceived enemies seem to be the laws of the land. How else can you explain the deregard for FISA? Habeus Corpus? Geneva Conventions?

And I blame Congress for being rubber stamps for BushCo's malfeasance. Just look at what has come to the for front of what BushCo has been doing for the last 6 years:

Ignoring countries that BushCo doesn't like -

North Korea (nuclear bomb, anyone?)

Syria (terroist bombs, anyone?) Thank goodnes Pelosi went over there and started talking to them otherwise Condi Rice might never have gone. BushCo needs to be shown how to act like adults, I suppose. Remember when Pelosi was a traitor for talking to the Syrians? Well, Condi is now talking to the Syrians! Funny that.

Iran? Nuclear Bomb, anyone?

Afghanistan? BushCo couldn't stay long enought to get that country settled before he had to go play in Iraq's sandbox and now Afghanistan is having a resurgence of the Taliban.

And the most damaging, to my mind, the scandals at the Department of "Justice".

On every front, BushCo has failed. EVERY front.

About the only thing BushCo was "successful" at was cutting taxes.

The absolute moral sewer that BushCo operates is amazing. The United State of America has truly become a Banana Republic dressed up in a Brooks Brothers suit.

/rant. I've got to get to class.

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