Friday, March 30, 2007

Stupid Wildlife Part II

"Bush Fish and Wildlife Service appointee not only sends internal government reports to industry lobbyists but also to online gaming 'virtual friend' for unbiased second opinion"

via Talking Points Memo

Which directly contradicts what I posted earlier:

"Chris Tollefson, a spokesperson for the service, says that while it's accurate to characterize the agency as trying to keep the draft under wraps, the agency has every intention of communicating with the public about the proposed changes; the draft just hasn't been ready. And, he adds, it could still be changed as part of a forthcoming formal review process."

It's okay to send internal reports to lobbyists (and "virtual" friends), but not to the general public.

And, again, from my previous post:

"'Please Keep close hold for now. Dale [Hall, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service] does not want this stuff leaking out to stir up discontent based on speculation.'"

They'll let lobbyists and virtual friends speculate, though.

Wow, you can't see the forest through the corruption.

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